Cirius 365 Encryption

Secure messaging for Office 365

Email Encryption Simplified

Cirius enables users to securely send, receive, track and control email communications simply and effectively without leaving their existing email application – such as Office 365, Outlook and Gmail – and on any device including smart phones and tablets.

Data Loss Prevention

With true message recall along with the ability to expire messages at a later date (so recipients can no longer see them), messages and file attachments are always protected. Cirius works with Office 365 DLP policies and offers complementary tools such as “intelligent keyword scanning” of messages to provide even greater security.

Seamless Integration to Outlook and Office 365

Cirius integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 using existing email addresses and without interrupting workflow. Internal and external users can compose, send, receive and index their secure messages and file attachments directly within Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA). Switching between sending a secure message and a regular email is as simple as one click using the Office365 “Secure Email” web app available in the Microsoft Office online store.

Auto-Decrypts to Any Archiving System

Cirius provides simple, automatic decryption with any existing archiving and journaling system, such as the Office 365 archiving solution, to ensure seamless and full internal information management and support for e-discovery.

C irius is a simplified yet powerful email encryption solution that enables businesses to protect and control their email directly within Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. Businesses worldwide depend on Cirius to communicate securely on any device, control what happens to messages even after they have been sent, exchange large file attachments securely and protect against data loss.

Cirius is far more than traditional email encryption. Cirius is a simplified yet powerful security tool that enables businesses to protect and control their email and file attachments directly within Microsoft Outlook or Office 365.

In this age of heightened awareness of data security issues, Cirius is a critical tool for any organisation that handles any type of customer information.