BlackBerry Workspaces

Secure Enterprise File Synchronization

Access Your Content From Anywhere

Users can easily access, sync, edit, share and control their files from any device. It provides a single point of access for content stored in Microsoft® SharePoint®, Windows® file shares, cloud storage services and Enterprise Content Management systems (ECMs).

BlackBerry Workspaces for Web

BlackBerry Workspaces delivers secure, full-featured document editing, annotation, sharing and permission management functionality through all modern web browsers, so users have the utmost flexibility with how and where they engage with their content.

Through the native online viewer, users can create, review and share annotations with other contributors who can then correspond on any device. And with Office Online integration, users can securely edit and version their documents without ever having to leave the web browser, download a file, or install any software.

BlackBerry Workspaces for Microsoft Outlook

Workspaces delivers incremental productivity by providing users with a consolidated and convenient place to view all of their sent and received files at a glance and with tools to easily create, version, protect and share files up to 10 GB in size, all within the Microsoft® Outlook® application interface. For people who have to search through their inbox looking for files, or who struggle with inbox capacity limitations, this feature is a great time-saver. Plus, file attachments can be embedded with file-level DRM for greater security and control.

Best-in-Class Data Security

BlackBerry Workspaces provides the most secure File Sync and Share solution through end-to-end encryption, unique digital rights management enforcement, detailed activity tracking and integration with state-of-the-art authentication and user management technologies. It is also the only File Sync and Share solution that can encrypt and enforce DRM protections on mobile devices when users are viewing, editing and annotating synced documents.

BlackBerry® Workspaces (formerly known as WatchDox by BlackBerry) is a modern, highly secure file management platform that enables effortless, multi-OS synchronization and sharing. Workspaces solutions limit the risk for data loss or theft by embedding Digital Rights Management (DRM) security into each individual file, so your content remains secure and within your control, even after it is downloaded and shared outside of your organization.

More Secure by Design

The Workspaces system is multi-tiered with strict separation between the web application serving the users, the database holding the system metadata, and a secure file system holding the encrypted documents. Documents and metadata are encrypted using the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library and 256-bit AES encryption. Each document has its own encryption key that is stored in a secure keystore. To address the highest of security needs, the keystore can also make use of a hardware security module (HSM) for increased secure management.

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